Opt-In for Overdraft Coverage

New Federal Reserve rules give you additional options regarding how we service your ATM and/or Debit Card transactions. This new rule allows you to choose how we process your ATM and/or Debit Card transactions if you have overdrawn your account. Today, if you overdraw your account at the ATM or when making an everyday purchase with your Debit Card, we may cover the non-sufficient funds and charge you a fee.

Effective, August 15th, 2010, if you choose to “opt-in” we will continue to process your ATM and/or Debit Card transactions with no change to your service. If you choose not to opt-in, any ATM and/or Debit Card transaction for which there are non-sufficient funds will be denied at the time of the transaction.

Whatever your decision, the new overdraft rules give you flexibility. If you opt-in, you can cancel at anytime. The new rules do not cover checks or automatic bill payments that you may have set up for paying bills such as your mortgage, rent, or utilities.

We take pride in offering you our best possible service. For more information visit the explanation of overdraft coverage page or if you would like to discuss this with us call 815-756-6321.

How to Request Overdraft Coverage or Get More Information

To request overdraft coverage for your ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases, or for information about other alternatives we offer for covering overdrafts, please:

  • Contact us at 1-815-756-6321 or 1-800-845-4122

  • Download and complete the paper form in the link below and mail it to:
    Resource Bank, 555 Bethany Road, DeKalb, IL 60115
    Explanation of overdraft coverage form
    (requires Adobe Reader)

  • Fill out the online form below and click submit. Your request will be followed with a confirmation of consent in the mail.
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, I want to authorize and pay overdrafts on my ATM and everyday debit card transactions with respect to the accounts identified below.
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For additional information, please contact Resource Bank.

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