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Positive Pay

Our Positive Pay service is your proactive shield against unauthorized transactions, ensuring that your business accounts remain secure in the ever-evolving landscape of financial risks.  Positive Pay is your digital guardian - by providing us with a list of authorized checks, you empower our system to flag any discrepancies, giving you the power to thwart potential fraud before it takes root.

At Resource Bank, we are not just a service provider; we are your partner in prevention.  Count on us to be by your side, committed to helping you navigate the complex landscape of financial security with confidence.

ACH Positive Pay

Enhance your financial security with ACH Positive Pay—a powerful tool empowering our clients to proactively safeguard their accounts against potential fraud risks. With ACH Positive Pay, clients gain precise control over ACH debits and credits through customizable filters and strategic blocks.

  • Stay in the driver's seat as you effortlessly manage and monitor daily ACH transactions posting to your account. Our user-friendly interface ensures you have a comprehensive view of all ACH activities, empowering you to swiftly make informed decisions on whether to authorize payments or initiate returns.
  • In the fast-paced world of business, timing is crucial. Business ACH transactions provide a mere 24-hour window for decision-making, and ACH Positive Pay equips you with the insights needed to act promptly. Avoid unforeseen losses by staying informed and confidently taking charge of your financial transactions.

Choose ACH Positive Pay as your proactive partner in securing your financial assets—because awareness is the first line of defense against potential losses.  Contact your Advisor at (815) 756-6321 today.