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ID TheftSmart™

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Protect your identity and prevent fraud with Resource Bank and Kroll's ID TheftSmart™ program.  Kroll is an investigative and financial risk advisory company who has been responding to and preventing breaches of data on behalf of clients since 1999.  Contact us at (815) 756-6321 to speak to an Advisor!

Triple Credit Monitoring

ID TheftSmart’s™ credit monitoring program notifies enrolled members of activity in their credit file.
• Identify inaccuracies in credit data being reported by creditors.
• Receive early detection of potentially fraudulent activity in their credit file.
• Gain access to trained credit specialists for answers about their credit file, and who can act on behalf of the member when action needs to be taken.

Identity Consultation and Restoration

Members who are victimized by an identity thief benefit from Kroll’s comprehensive restoration services.  After consultation with a United States-based Kroll Investigator confirms an identity theft issue, a fraud packet (provided by the Kroll Investigator) must be completed and submitted to Kroll by the member. Restoration includes:
• investigation of emergent and potentially complicated trails of fraudulent activity
• making phone calls
• issuing fraud alerts
• interacting with affected financial institutions
• preparing appropriate documentation.
• one-on-one counseling and advocacy on behalf of the member
• serving as the member’s advocate while utilizing expertise in interacting with credit bureaus, creditors, and/or collection agencies as well as to conduct fraud research that is not related to credit.

All of the Kroll Fraud Investigators are CFE, FCRA, CITRMS, and CIPP/US certified.  Plus, members don’t have to be a victim of identity theft to benefit from consultation from one of Kroll’s Fraud Investigators--any active member with a concern about his or her identity has access to consultation and assistance.

Public Persona

Credit header data is monitored for names, aliases, and addresses that are associated with your Social Security number. Data that you do not recognize as your own may be a sign of fraudulent activity.
• Receive a history report of all your credit header data for the past 18 months.
• Monitor ongoing changes and receive alerts if the initial report you receive is updated with any new information.

idIntegrity Scan

Receive early warning fraud protection with regular searches on the Internet for your personal and financial information, notifying you immediately of suspicious activity. Online fraud detection monitors your:
• Social Security number
• debit and credit cards
• address
• e-mail
• phone numbers and more

Web Watcher

We routinely scan for suspicious activity on:
• the Dark Web
• Internet directories
• hacker chat rooms
• public and private databases
When a status change in the monitored information is detected, an email alert is promptly sent.

Address Aware

Your address history with the United States Postal Services is monitored.
• Receive an 18-month address history report.
• Be alerted if a fraudulent attempt is made to change your mailing address.

Minor Monitoring

Protect your child against identity theft.  We continuously monitor for any credit activity that includes your child’s social security number.  If activity is detected, the enrolled adult will receive an alert, prompting a call to a Kroll Licensed Private Investigator who will conduct additional research to determine if the alert indicates a legitimate credit history for the child (such as a bank account), a simple reporting error, or if credit accounts have been opened fraudulently. In that case, restoration services will be provided.

All of these services are only:

$15/month for the first household membership

$10/month for additional household memberships

$4/month for optional Minor Monitoring of up to four minors

A Resource Bank checking account is required.