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Resource Savings


An interest bearing deposit account used as a liquid source of funds for household spending needs, investment opportunities, and emergencies. The account allows deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.

Best For:

People or entities who wish to keep readily available funds separate from checking accounts for ease of budgeting and to meet future needs. Likely clients include singles, newly married couples, parents, and grandparents. This account is often used as a child's savings account. Free to minors (17 or under), or if tied to a checking account. These groups are not required to maintain a minimum balance and can have a savings account with no monthly service charge.


  • Balance: An opening of $50 is required, with the exception of minors. If the account is tied to a checking account or is held by a minor, there are no balance requirements. If not tied to a checking account, a daily minimum balance of $250 or an average cycle balance of $1,000 is required to avoid a service charge of $4.75 per quarter.
  • Interest: Interest is compounded quarterly using a 365-day base. Interest is paid at the end of each quarter on all accounts with a positive balance.
  • Statements: Statements are generated at the end of each quarter. However, if the account is tied to a checking account, a combined statement showing activity in both accounts will be generated monthly.
  • Deposits: Deposits may be made in any amount at any time, in the lobby, drive-up, night deposit, bank by mail, or at ATM locations which accept deposits.


  • Affordable: There are very low opening and minimum balances.
  • Flexible & Secure: The account earns interest, while still allowing deposits and withdrawals at any time.
  • FDIC Insurance: The basic insured amount for a depositor is $250,000.