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Employee Testimonials

The commitment that Resource Bank sustains is not just in regards to its clients and community – it is also a commitment to its local employees. Like a three-legged stool, each leg of support requires the other in order to stand tall. It is a way of doing business that recognizes every staff member, no matter what their role, as a vital and respected member of a team. That kind of respect and support creates a drive and a desire to do the best for your clients and your community in return.

"Working at Resource Bank is like having a second family. I really enjoy the people that I work with at my branch. It is fun to come to work."

Michelle Janco, Branch Manager in Shabbona

"Our team here in Malta is like family. We always look forward to seeing or hearing from our neighbors that we are fortunate to serve in our community."

Tim Funfsinn, Commercial / Ag Advisor in Malta

"Resource Bank is the first company that I have worked for that actually follows their stated values. The way I have been treated shows that Resource Bank believes that “Employees Are Our Greatest Strength.” It has been great working on a team with people from different cultures and different generations, as I believe our diversity allows us to meet our client’s needs and understand how to find the best products and services to aid them on their lifelong financial journey."

Brandon Diviak, Investment Advisor

"Working for Resource Bank is like working with family! We help each other out and everyone is treated with the utmost respect! "

Colleen Hoffman, Office Manager, Resource Insurance

"Here it is in a nutshell: Resource bank is my home away from home, my work family. I enjoy working here. I have been with Resource Bank for over 10 years now and have no regrets. Great community bank!"

Debbie Homesley, Director of Personal Client Services

I started with Resource Bank back in the late 80s, and my co-workers are the same caring, professional people today as they were back then.  I am proud to be part of an organization that cares about doing the right thing for our clients and communities.  I am confident that our clients can trust us to provide the very best recommendations and guidance in achieving their financial goals.

Mary Phelan, Trust & Investment Operations Supervisor

I love working for a community bank and being able to see first-hand the impact local decisions have on our community.  When a client has an issue, I am either able to help them myself, or I know the person who can.  In a time when personal interaction isn't the norm, knowing your clients is meaningful!

Katrina Taylor, Branch Manager at the Annie Glidden Branch in DeKalb