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Account Navigation Questions

Account Navigation Questions

Why Isn’t My Full Account Number Displayed?

As an additional security feature your account numbers are partially masked so your full account numbers are not displayed. For example, if your account number is 1234567 it will appear as ***4567 on the screen. With this feature you can view your transactions at public Internet venues and keep your account numbers safely from view.

To help you identify your masked account numbers, we encourage you to nickname your accounts. Your nicknames will appear on all Online Banking screens, allowing for easier navigation through your accounts. Go to the “Options” button at the top of your Online Banking screen and click on “Change Nicknames.”

Can I Sort My Statement To Make Reconciling My Account Easier?

You can sort your statement by going to the “Account Activity” button and selecting the “Transactions Menu.” Using the choices in the Transaction Search box you can change the way your statement is sorted in many ways, including by check number, dollar amount and description. You can also choose to have just your checks or deposits displayed instead of your entire statement.

How Do I Download My Statement Into My Money Management Application?

You can export transaction information for use with financial management software, such as any version of Quicken, Quickbooks and Money should accept the export formats. HOWEVER, for Intuit’s Quicken and Quickbooks 2005+, you must license with Intuit for their new formats.

To export transactions, go to the account you want to view/export. Select transaction export from the transaction menu.

On the Transactions Export page choose the account you want to export, statement cycle and export format.

Click on the “Export” button, save the file to your computer, open up your financial management program and import the file into your check register.

Is There A Quick Way To Find A Specific Check Image?

To find a specific check image select search from the transaction menu.

Why Does It Say That My Check Image Is Unavailable?

On occasion, your check image may be unavailable for a number of reasons:

Check images are not available in the “Current Business Day” screen.

On occasion, the image may be unable to retrieve. Please call Online Banking Help Desk at 815-756-6321 for assistance.

If you have a program installed on your computer that terminates all pop-up windows, you may not be able to view your check images because the images pop-up in a new window. Most programs allow you to go in and accept pop-ups from certain web sites. If you need to see a copy of a check that is unavailable through Online Banking, please call the bank and we will help you get a copy of your check.

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