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Bill & Loan Payment Questions

Bill & Loan Payment Questions

Who Can I Pay With Bill Pay?

Anyone-it can be a company or an individual person.

How Do I Set Up A New Bill Payment?

To establish a new bill payment, click the account you want the scheduled transfer to come from and click the “Bill Payments” button. Go to “New Scheduled Payment,” fill out the requested information and submit the new bill payment.

How Do I Know My Bill Will Be Paid On Time If I Use The Bill Pay Function?

Resource Bank will do everything in its power to see that your payment is sent as requested. Please allow at least 5 days advance notice when you set up a new bill payment so we can get your payments made on time.

How Can I Verify A Bill Payment Has Been Made?

Go to your account, click on “Bill Payments” and you will see the detailed list of all your bill payments. You can see the date and amount of the most recent payment.

Can I Cancel A Scheduled Bill Payment?

To cancel a scheduled payment click the “Bill Payments” button and click on the specific payment you wish to cancel. You can either delete the bill payment altogether if you know you won’t be making any more. payments to the vendor, or just delete the existing payment amount and enter a zero. Switch the Payment Frequency to “On Demand” and delete the date. Click the “Update” button to complete your request.

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