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Refuel Checking Questions

Refuel Checking Questions

What is Refuel Checking?
Is there a monthly service charge for Re-Fuel Checking?
Is there a minimum balance to open the account?
What is the reward for having Re-Fuel Checking?
What is a monthly qualification cycle or statement cycle?
What is a non-PIN-assisted Visa Check-Card transaction?
Why does Re-Fuel Checking have requirements?
What happens if I’m not able to meet the three simple requirements?
What are the requirements to qualify for the 10% cash reward on my first $500.00 of at- the-pump fuel purchases each month?
What if I use my PIN number on a Visa Check Card transaction?
I opened my account in the middle of the month and don’t have time to meet all three of the qualifications to receive the cash reward. Do I have to wait until next month to receive my 10% Cash Reward?
May I have more than one Visa Check-Card for my account?
What do I do if my e-mail changes?
If I meet the three simple requirements, when will I receive my cash reward?
Does my automatic loan payment to Resource Bank meet the qualifications for Re-Fuel Checking?
I am a Resource Classics Member. Do I have to pay the $9.95 monthly fee for Re-FuelChecking?
How are the non-PIN-assisted transactions calculated when I change from an Extreme Green Account to Re-Fuel Checking?
When is the $9.95 fee accessed?
May my business have a Re-Fuel Checking account?
Will I have to report the money I receive from Re-Fuel Checking on my taxes?

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