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Instant Cash CD

Why Wait?

Receive your interest now with our new 2.05%* APY (Annual Percentage Yield), 12-month Instant Cash CD!  Open your CD, and we will pay the interest immediately!

Use the money however you want...put it in a savings account, or spend it now.  It's your interest!


*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 8/15/2018 and subject to change without notice. Applies only to a 12 month Instant Cash CD certificate of deposit. **Minimum deposit of $10,000 required, no maximum. Multiple CDs are permissible. Interest earnings cannot be included in the opening deposit. Interest can be deposited into a savings account or paid by check.  Upon maturity, Instant Income CD will renew automatically to a 12 month CD at the then current 12 month CD rate. Penalty for early withdrawal will apply. Partial principal withdrawals not permissible. See account disclosures for details. Due to the prepayment of interest this CD is subject to the IRS Original Issue Discount (OID) rules.  Please consult a tax professional.